Full course description

Our virtual classroom provides students with the opportunity to interact in real-time with our expert instructors with the added benefit of watching recordings of class sessions at the students' convenience for up to 30 days after the course ends. The Live-Online format is offered online using Adobe Connect, a free browser plug-in. All students need are a high-speed internet connection, speakers or head phones, and Adobe Flash Player, which can also be downloaded for free. Course materials will be delivered directly to the students' home, or arrangements can be made for students to pick them up at the university.

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Course Fees: 

Course Advance Registration Fee* UNIVERSITY Faculty/Staff Fee Minimum 24 hours of instruction
GRE Prep Class $699.00 
GMAT Prep Class $699.00
LSAT Prep Class $899.00
SAT/ACT Institute** $499.00 
Regular Registration Fee
GRE Prep Class $799.00 
GMAT Prep Class $799.00 
LSAT Prep Class $899.00
SAT/ACT Institute** $549.00 per person

 * for registrations received at least 10 business days in advance of the course start date.