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Teaching English Language Learners is a Course

Teaching English Language Learners

Time limit: 30 days
1.5 credits

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Full course description

QUOTE: Well-meaning teachers with inadequate training can sabotage their own efforts to create positive learning environments through hypercriticism of errors; not seeing native language usage as an appropriate scaffold; ignoring language errors. 

Meltzer, J., & Hamann, E. (2005). Meeting the literacy development needs of adolescent English language learners through content area learning; Providence: The Education Alliance


When you complete this course you will be able to:

  • Recognize the needs of ELL students in your school
  • Identify ways to support the needs of your ELLs and their families
  • Understand the needs of the ELL population they are working with
  • Assemble and obtain human and technical resources to help with parent nights, conferences, and teacher communication
  • Analyze ways schools can be welcoming and informative to parents and students with other languages
  • Develop strategies to support your ELL students
  • Apply the strategies developed to your lessons
  • Identify appropriate assessment tools for your ELLs